Fun Facts

So what is the story behind our Be Inspired poem?

Each reference in the Be Inspired book was chosen because of the characteristics they embody.

Did you know?

The Ant

Ants are great team players. They work as a team to build their home and find food. Ants are tiny, but they are also very strong. They can lift 20 times their bodyweight.

The Oyster

Oysters are the only living animals that create jewels – the pearl. A pearl starts as a grain of sand. The oyster continuously secretes a mineral to protect itself against the irritation of the sand until a pearl is formed.

The Lion

The lion is one of the largest cats in the world. They are family-oriented creatures that live in prides. They are fast, have a roar that can be heard for miles and hunt large animals to feed themselves and their families.

The Ocean

Oceans cover approximately 70% of the earth’s surface. They are vast, wide and deep. Many of the depths of the ocean are unexplored and full of mysteries such as unusual sea life, mountains, shipwrecks, etc.

The Eagle

Eagles are intelligent, confident and powerful. These strong birds have great eyesight, large wingspans, can soar really far without a single flap of their wing and have relative wing strength greater than an airplane.

The Human Race

Humans are simply amazing. The world has been transformed by the numerous inventions.  From the creation of a pin, to traveling to the moon, it is amazing what we have accomplished.

The Plant

Plants have an incredible purpose – they are literally our life source. Plants create oxygen for us to breathe and attracts rainfall for water. They are also a significant source of food for us and the majority of living things on earth.

The Sun

The sun is a large and bright rotating star. It generates huge amounts of energy, shines brightly in the universe, is much larger than all planets and can be seen from all continents on Earth.

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